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Every registered curriculum and continuing education student at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College is given a username and password to access campus computers. These accounts can take up to 48 hours to be created. This page allows you to lookup whether or not a student is in the system and get their username.

The standard student password is "(last 5 of student number)@rccc". If this password does not work, the student should be directed to

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Previously students were able to use a 'generic' login, usually student/password. These 'generic' logins no longer exist.

This page allows faculty to generate a 'unique generic' account. Only one account should be created for each class and the acccount will expire at the end of the day created. IT staff will have a log of who created the account and where the accounts are used. The full usage policy can be seen on the page and must be agreed to in order to get a username/password.

For security reasons and full access to student resources it is always better for a student to use their unique username to login.

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So you can know what student accounts you have created for the day.